Why is ‘O’Ryan jumping jacks video’ trending?

The R&B star is trending, and it is for one VERY naughty reason.

But why?

After his several videos were leaked, O'Ryan started trending.

O'Ryan is also an OnlyFans star.

OnlyFans subscription costs around $12 to view its content. But instead of paying $12, someone posted his videos online.

The reason he started trending was that he was completely naked in one of the videos doing jumping jacks.

Some fans went crazy after seeing O'Ryan naked & started tweeting on Twitter.

Someone tweeted, "Omg I just saw a video of O'Ryan doing jumping jacks butt naked.

O'Ryan is a 35 yrs old, Singer & Songwriter born in California in 1987.

He is best known for hits like Going Out Your Way, and Jus Anotha Shorty.