Let's see some of the best Udemy courses that you can take if you want to learn about coding

These courses include DSA, Python, Android Development, iOS, Swift Development, Git & GitHub, etc

Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials Using C++. This is the latest 2022 course by Prateek Narang.

1. Data Structures & Algorithms

You will learn about Arrays, basic Sorting algorithms, Characters, Strings, Pointers and Dynamic Memory, Bit Manipulation, Recursion, and the list goes on and on

The course is called "The 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python"

2. Python

In this course, you’ll learn about Python setup, then you try to learn about Python objects and data structures basics, comparison operators, Python statements, methods, and functions

This course "Web Development by Angela Yu" is the most popular course on Udemy

3. Web Development

Here you can learn about the fundamentals like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Heroku, etc

The course is called "Machine Learning A-Z"

4. Python

You can learn simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, and polynomial regression

And a variety of different regression algorithms.

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