Top 7 Udemy Courses Under Rs.500

Best Udemy Courses under 500

Hello everyone!! In this article, I want to share with you some of the best Udemy courses that you can take if you want to learn about coding. Now, these are going to be affordable courses so that it doesn’t harm your wallet and you can also get access to the best-structured roadmap for learning any particular sector in coding.

I know it’s been a long time since I uploaded the last article which was about Cracking the FAANG Coding Interviews. I’m really sorry that it took so long as I was busy with my end-semester exams. (POV- Just finished my 2nd year). Now I will try to upload as many articles and web stories as I can. Make sure you have turned on the notifications so that you don’t miss out on any latest article.

Moving onto the topic, Here, I’m talking about paid resources and not free ones, because I think when you pay however small the amount might be you have the sense of urgency that you have invested into something, and if you don’t use it, it could just go in vain, it would just go as a waste. Then you will be much more likely to complete the course. Of course, I’m not talking about going in with super expensive courses. I’m talking about affordable ones. So here it is. We’ll talk about various different fields. We’ll talk about DSA, Python, Android Development, iOS, Swift Development, Git & GitHub, Machine Learning and so much more. Make sure you read it till the end.

Also, the links for all the courses are given below of each course.

Important Note – The prices of these courses may vary.

Udemy Course 1 – Data Structures & Algorithms

The first course on our list is going to be about DSA because I think that’s what most of you are struggling with here it is. Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials Using C++. This is the latest 2022 course by Prateek Narang. Now Prateek Narang has the credibility of being in this space and he knows a lot about how Data Structures work. He has worked in Google as well, so he sharing exactly how can you learn DSA and is teaching you everything inside of this one course. You will learn about Arrays, basic Sorting algorithms, Characters, Strings, Pointers and Dynamic Memory, Bit Manipulation, Recursion, and the list goes on and on. As you can see, it’s a power-packed 27 hours long course that you can learn about DSA from scratch from Prateek Narang.

Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials Using C++

I have heard a lot about this course, so just wanted to mention this over here and I think you can take a look at this one and get great value from this course. Also, the course is available for as cheap as Rs.475 and this is the best part about Udemy that they offer the course at really cheap prices. So this is the first course about DSA and definitely recommended. It has 4.5 stars, 1900 ratings, and 10,500 students. So it’s a great course for you to start learning DSA and prepare for your coding interviews.

Link for the course – DSA by Prateek Narang

Udemy Course 2 – Python

This is one of my favorite courses on Udemy about Python. This is called the 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python. Now this one is taken by Jose Portilla, who is a great instructor. I have personally learned Python using this particular course. This course is great because the speed with which he explains everything is amazing. You will be able to understand everything and the learning curve is perfect for anyone who has no experience in programming and just wants to get into this field.

In this course, you’ll learn about Python setup, then you try to learn about Python objects and data structures basics, comparison operators, Python statements, methods, and functions. There is a project in between as well which is amazing. Then you’ll also learn about object-oriented programming, modules, and packages, error handling, exception handling, Python decorators, generators, etc.

2022 Python Bootcamp

All of this is great, but then it gets even better. Further in this course, you get to learn Web Scraping with Python, then you learn about working with images using the PIL library in Python. Also learn about working with PDF, spreadsheets, and CSV files. In the end, you learn some advanced Python objects and data structures and GUI (Graphical User Interface). This course is going to be excellent if you’re a Python geek.

Link for the course – Python Bootcamp

Udemy Course 3 – Web Development

Let’s move on to the next one. It’s going to be about Web Development by Angela Yu. I have learned about Full-Stack Web Development using this course.  This course is great because here you can learn about the fundamentals like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn about DOM Manipulation, you learn about React and then you go to the next level. You learn about security, you learn about encryption, you learn about databases, MongoDB, Mongoose, you learn about SQL, and all the different functions and queries that are involved. Also, you have Git & GitHub & Heroku and the list just goes on and on.

Also over here, you have Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node JS, Express JS, and how to create REST APIs. The best about this course is that you get to build projects all the time. That’s literally how you are learning things with the help of this course. If you spend time reading just the theory part of web development, you won’t really get it until you actually start executing and that is what this course helps you out with.

This course also talks about Web-3 which is again great. So you can build DAPPS (Decentralised Applications) using Blockchain which is the hottest technology in the market right now. You also learn to make your own NFTs.

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

 And you know the best part about all of these courses is that these courses get regularly updated. So when I bought this course, it was actually did not having the Web-3 segment which is now added. So it’s always going to be updated. You don’t have to pay anything extra.

Link for the course – Web Development Bootcamp

Udemy Course 4 – Machine Learning

So here is the course on Machine Learning. If you want to get into Artificial Intelligence if you want to learn about how to create your own models, how to predict something, how to use data, how to clean the data, how to analyze situations, and how to basically come to a conclusion. Now going down, having a look at what all you can learn from this, this course stands out with basic data processing in Python. It also talks about how to use the R programming language. You learn about basic regression, support vector regression, decision trees, etc.

It starts out with basic data pre-processing. So it includes how to use Python or R to process data. Then you learn about simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, and a variety of different regression algorithms. You will then also learn about classification in which they’ll be talking about logistic regression about K-nearest neighbors, support vector machines, Kernel SPM, Naive Bayes & other classification algorithms. This is an in-depth course about 44 hours long course in which we will learn everything in-depth and you will have an idea of how to use all of these tools and build models from scratch. So do check out this course if you’re interested.

Machine Learning

Link for the course – Machine Learning

Udemy Course 5 – Android Development

Moving onwards, let’s take a look at Android development. So this course right here is going to be about Android 12. I got to hear a lot of good things about this course from my friends, so a lot of including this over here. I personally don’t have experience with Android Development. Although I was trying to learn Android in my first year but IDK why I left that in the middle. But this is the course that they say is a great starting point in which you can learn about Java, object-oriented programming. You can learn about different components, resources, widgets, learn about creating different fragments, and data storage, you learn about Android Jetpack. You learn about all of these different things. You also got to learn about Firebase, you learn to use Google Maps, create animation and material design, etc.

The Complete Android 12 Development Course

77 hours long course that is value-packed. You go from Java all the way to building modern Android apps and also learn a little bit about how design works.

Link for the course – Android 12 Development

Udemy Course 6 – Git & GitHub

Let’s look at the next course, which is going to be on Git & GitHub. If you’re a developer then you must know how to use Git & GitHub. This is a very important concept. Most people who are learning the program take a very long time to learn Git & GitHub and I think they should actually be learning that as soon as possible. So this course will help you with understanding the basics of Git. How does version control work, what are branches, and how do merge branches? You will also learn about GitHub and how it all works, how to create a simple repository, how to create a pull request, how to merge requests, and everything under the name of version control.

First of all, you’ll get to know about how to install Git, you’ll learn the basics, adding something, committing something, you’ll all learn working with branches, and everything is covered in the course.

Git & GitHub Bootcamp

I wish I should’ve learned Git & GitHub earlier. So this is a takeaway thing that you can take from this article and start learning Git & GitHub today.

Link for the course – Git & GitHub Bootcamp

Udemy Course 7 – iOS Development

Moving to the last course that you can take away from here is going to be on iOS and Swift, a complete iOS App Development. You know the ratio of people having Android phones and iOS phones is changing right now. So a lot of people are focusing on getting iOS phones and if you want to develop great applications you can take a look at this course which teaches you everything from scratch.

The instructor is Angela Yu. So you’ll get a great learning curve and you can learn everything very easily with the help of this course. And because you’re building an iOS app, the people using iPhones will be having higher purchasing power. So whatever app you create, the revenue that you will create will also be higher as well.

iOS App Development

So this course is taken by 290,007 students. It has a 75000 rating and is rated at 4.8. It’s a bestseller course on Udemy. This 60-hour-long course takes you from the very basics to advanced Swift programming language and the overall iOS development. The course also has a bunch of projects which will help you understand the concepts more in detail.

Link for the course – iOS Development

So these were the 7 different courses on Udemy that you can take if you want to learn to program. You can pick whatever you like and then go along with that.

Thank you so much that you read it to the end. Do share it, if you like it!!

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