best gaming laptops

Best Gaming Laptops Under 80000

You’ve been looking forward to playing this new release for months, and it’s finally here! You’re eager to sit down on your couch or bed and spend hours immersed in the game, but first you have to choose what kind of laptop you’ll be playing on

Top 5 Programming Languages You Can Learn In 2022

Today in this article, we are going to talk about best 5 coding languages that you can learn and improve you skills in 2022. Now it is not mandatory that these languages should be of only one particular domain. I have listed them radnomly from different different domains. And out of these 5 programming languages , it is not something like a specific one is the best.

Backend developer

How To Become A Back-End Developer 2022

Back-End Developer Role :
A back-end developer is responsible for implementing the server side part of the website or any application.
If suppose we take an example of let’s say youtube. You actually interact with what’s called front-end of the app. That means there’s an application which has all the logic you know to show the thumbnail or show different videos, how many likes and comments these videos have.