How To Mine Crytpocurrency With a Hard Disk

cryto mining

Do you have some hard drives? And you want to earn some Cryptocurrency from it. In this article, I will tell you how you can earn Cryptocurrency and also mine Cryptocurrency with the power of hard drives and disk space. You don’t need GPU, and also you don’t need a CPU. Okay, so how to mine crypto and earn crypto with hard drives and the power of disk space. Make sure you read it till the end to get full knowledge.


The idea simple very simple. You can search for something called ScPrime. It will show you the price of one coin which is 1.4 dollars, which is not really bad. So you might ask what is ScPrime? ScPrime basically allows people to buy and sell decentralized disk space. Think about it as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. But it’s decentralized all over the world with the power of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. So the idea is very simple and it’s about selling your disk space on this network. You can see on CoinMarketCap, the SCPrime coin under tags, it will show that it’s “minable”. Forget about technical stuff right now. I want to make things simple for you and give you the main concepts in a couple of minutes.

How to get started with ScPrime?

Let’s start with the earnings. How much ScPrime coins you can make by providing your storage. In the documentation part, we have the document about the storage provider earnings, which is you, if you want to start providing your storage. If you go down there you can see it’s updated January 20 2022. So this project is still very new and the project is expected to launch in the end of this year. That means it is not even launched yet. So starting right now is the best opportunity for many of you if you want. You can see some important notices written over there. New storage providers should know early on and in a good position to receive data once the product is launched. They’re claiming that for every 1 Terabyte per month, you can get about 10 ScPrime coins. This will be done every month after 22 January .

Crypto mining
Crypto Mining

Even if you sell your 1TB for 10 ScPrime per month you will earn some great amount of ScPrime coins. And remember we work in Cryptocurrency, so maybe in a few months that price will reach $50. Or maybe $100 next year, we don’t know. Anyway, for today’s price you can make about $140 dollars for 10TB on data you save on this network. Now, let’s talk about setup, how do you get started, how you can can provide storage and sell you disk space.

Methods to start earning cryptocurrency

In general we have two methods, you can buy the product Xa-Miner which is provided by the company itself. It costs around from $1500. If you want to invest, then it’s up to you.

So the first step is to connect your hard drive to your PC. If you are using external drive you can connect it through USB.

Then the second step is to go to ScPrime document. They have a detail step by step guide. The first step to go to ScPrime website and download two applications. There are separate apps available for windows and Mac. You can refer to the documentation. It may be take up to 1 hour to setup. So now you just have to install ScPrime and connect it to your hard drives of whatever capacity you have, say 1TB or 2TB and you just have to sync it in the network. So basically you’re providing your hard drives so that anyone can rent it and use it.

How much you can earn from ScPrime coins?

And then you can start earning coins. But now the real question is, how much can you earn per TB from this? Now this can be dependent on multiple factors. Number one is, the speed that you have on your internet connection. If you have a very low internet speed or you have unstable network connection, you may earn $0. Why? There’s a reason behind that,  because ScPrime wants to reach at least 96% of availability. So in case you don’t have a stable connection, I don’t think you should invest in this project or you can join this project.

So please make sure that you can guarantee the uptime at least 96% to ensure that you earn ScPrime coins every month.

The second important factor is that, you get paid only for full disk space storage, and not just the disk space. So if nobody buys your disk space, you won’t be able to earn anything. Because security is the main thing that they need to take care of. A lot of scammers enter into the network and start adding hard drives. And what they do is, they hack the network and create something like virtual disk space storage on their computers. And from that they start earning ScPrime coins based on these virtual disk spaces. They don’t have the real space. And that is why the contract now is based on how much disk space is being used.

How to exchange Scprime coins?

Another more important question here is, how can you exchange these ScPrime coins. If you go on Binance then probably you won’t find it. So how you can convert or exchange this currency for crypto-dollars or US dollars. Well, the idea is simple, you can go to and then you will have two exchanges, basically websites that allows you to exchange you ScPrime coins. You have the SouthxChange in which you will find the wallet section for ScPrime coins. And you can exchange it with USDT of US dollars. You’ll just have to send it and withdraw it. It will just ask you to enter your wallet address. If you are using binance or coinbase, whatever you are using just enter the credentials and sent it to your account.

There is one more method to transfer of exchange your ScPrime coins which is Tradeorge. I have not tested this method yet. You can search about it. But the first method SouthxChange is working pretty well, so you can go with that as well.

In conclusion, this ScPrime project is not something you can get rich in one day or one month, but if you like to explore, invest and most importantly, if you have hard drives you can do it.

Thank you for reading this article!!


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