How to become a game developer in 2022

Game Developer

Game Development – 2022 Hottest trend

$173 billion, this is how much the global sports market will cost by 2020, and by 2026 it is estimated to reach $314 billion. Game Development will be one of the biggest trends of 2022. You might be wondering why? First, beacuase of the realistic graphics we can now have with the help of gaming engines. We have come to the point where it is very difficult for you to say that something is real or just a game, and secondly because of the huge change in technology companies looking at something called METAVERSE.

Facebook builds its Metaverse. Microsoft is getting into the hype. We already have forums like Decentraland and Sandbox that build their Metaverse. Unity Game Developer is the seventh most sought after activity on LinkedIn. But the question is how to take advantage of this great opportunity and get on the road. And that is what will be discussed in this article on how to read, build and submit your games as a beginner with little experience. I will talk about the skills you need and the skills you need to learn. Make sure you read it to the end because I will be talking about free resources, tutorials, e-books, and texts that you can use to become a perfect game developer.

Remember when we were young we played games like GTA, San Andreas, Midtown Madness, Road-Rash and many more. And speaking of myself, that’s what got me into code. I wanted to create my own games. I think for many of us the motivation to learn coding was because you wanted to create games. But let’s look at the first step.

A game development tool?

Next step is to see which tool you want to use, you have a variety of tools available that will help you build Games. You have game engines like Unity, you have Unreal and once you have found what you want to keep going we can move on.

PROGRAMMING language for game development?

The second step is to find out which programming language is compatible with the game engine you are using. For example, if you are using Unity, you need to learn with C sharp, if you’re using something like Unreal Engine , you might need to learn about C++, but once you learn about the basics of these languages like vairables, conditionals, for-loops, functions etc etc.

After that we can continue to learn about game design and game tools in general. Learn about what the rules are and what rewards you want for your game. Because it’s all about the rules and prizes that make the game “gamified”. And once you have read about this, write it down on a piece of paper and that will be your game design. What characters do you want to have? What kind of anchors do you want to keep? How will it all work out? Will it be 2D, will it be 3D ?, where will you find the game supplies? There are many places where you can get free goods like Cooperative Store to build your game from scratch without having to pay for something, without having to make your own.

Build basic games

The next step would be to build a basic game. Do not do anything too complicated. Just try to build a simple 2D single player game. For example you have a pong, when you created this pong game, you will learn about how to use its physics feature. Whenever you move that ball, how can you create a collision? How do you create a reward system? That will be very important to you.

pacman, game, videogame-4121590.jpg
Pacman game

Once you have learned about that, you may want to create a simple Mario game or snake game or flappy-bird game. All of these things will be important for you to learn how to use the basic features of the game, such as how to make a simple menu, how a 2D character can jump, so all of these things will be important for you to learn.

3D Game Development

Then you can move on to the next one and maybe learn about 3D game development. Learn about how shadows work, learn about images, learn about how the lighting system works. That’s the next step. Then you can publish the game on Google Play or publish it on Steam. Now you may wonder where you can learn all of this. And that’s what I want to show you right now.

Game development learning resources

1. E-Unity Book

One of the best places to start with game development is to check out this free e-book available at Unity. The e-book was created by Unity game designers and tech game designer at PUBG. Now let’s take a look at what you get all in this e-book completely free.

You can find this e-book here ->[%E2%80%A6]g-artist-expansion&utm_content=game-designer-playbook-ebook

If you look there, you first learn about Unity. What are the different buttons? What are different windows? How do you navigate basically in Unity? That is what we are learning here. You have a scene view, you have a scene gizmo, what things, you learn about all these things out there. Then go down, learn about the goods and how to use the Unity Goods Store? Then go ahead and see how you create simple gameplay with the help of cohesiveness. So that’s what you’re going to read there in this e-book. A long e-book with 100 pages and free to start using, if you want to Start learning game development. As you can see, you can find all the details here. You learn about small interactions, you learn about randomization, you learn about how to do animation lessons.
Now this e-book is for beginners who are just getting started with game design and game development in general. So first of all, as you can see, it talks about the different roles you have in game design and as you go down you learn how to get started at Unity, and when you go down you can see everything in the right way. What are some of the different features of the game? How can you create a game environment? It is all explained step by step that you do not have to worry about anything else. So look at this e-book, it is very well written by people from Unity and these people have years of experience building some of the biggest games out there.

2. Docs of Unity

The second thing will be Unity texts. That’s what you can do if you want to start making games at Unity. First of all, it starts with the basics of Unity. How does the Unity system work? What are the different types? How to navigate learn about making simple 2D games with the help of Unity. Then you can learn about the basics of graphics, learn how to make multiplayer games, learn online, and then learn about writing, audio, animation, and that is what you will find in Unity documents. You now have the YouTube Unity channel where you will find a ton of useful tutorials if you want to start building games with the help of Unity-3D.

3. Unity Youtube Channel

Link for Unity youtube channel –

This field will grow significantly in the future and will have many opportunities as a game developer. This is the best time to try and start learning something new. Just make sure you keep building apps and learn about how physics and game design work in game engines.


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