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As a college student, one of my biggest goal is to work in the top tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), etc. To be a part of something bigger, to contribute to a software that would potentially impact millions of people. I’m sure that a lot of you will resonate with the same feeling that I’m having. Now in this article I want to share with you one of the best resources that you can get access to for completely free, that will help you prepare for these coding interviews.

What is required to crack coding interviews?

The most important thing that you need to master is to answer and solve questions asked in your coding interviews. You need to develop that coding interview problem-solving logic in your brain. And once you do that, you will be unstoppable. Well, in this article we will see exactly how can you do that. Make sure that you read it till the end.

Resources that most of us Use to Learn Coding

Now a lot of you might be using a billion different resources. I want to show you just one thing that you can use that will help you will have guidance on what topics you need to master, have all the list of interview questions that you can practice. Practice them on the same platform, get the solutions and improve your problem solving ability. All of this at just one place. I want to show you this platform called as Code Studio by Coding Ninjas. It’s a completely free.

Code Studio by Coding Ninjas
Code Studio by Coding Ninjas

So this is called Code Studio by Coding Ninjas. Let me show you exactly what you can do with the help of this one tool.

Code Studio by Coding Ninjas

First of all, you get access to guided paths. If you just take a look at this page right here. This is going to show you a structured path that you can follow if you want to master any particular concept. It has a list of topics that you need to master, it has notes for every single topic and then it also has a list of interview questions that are related or are based on a particular topic.

Guided Paths
Guided Paths

Guided Paths to Crack Interviews

For example you get interview guide for product based companies. It’s going to be a structured path that you can follow if you want to crack you know coding interviews at these top tech companies. Then you also get paths for Data Structure & Algorithms. You get path for competitive programming, DBMS, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and aptitude preparation as well. This has it all under one roof. If you want to do problem solving, it has a list of things to do for that, if you want prepare for Software Development you can do that as well. It also has information about how you need to prepare or how can we learn about OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming) in Java and in Python.

Data Structures & Algorithms Questions

Just to give you an example, let’s take a look at DSA and see the pathway that they have over here. This is going to give you a step by step roadmap that you need to follow if you want to learn about a particular concept. You have Arrays, Strings, Recursion. You have Sorting and all of these modules that you have to complete if you want to learn properly.

Data Structurs & Algorithms
Data Structurs & Algorithms

Now you will get access to notes and problems at the same time. Also you can look at the subtopics under Arrays. If you click on Attempt you can learn about what are arrays, properties of arrays and once you understand what is a Arrays in general, you can take a look at the Kadane’s Algorithm notes. So these are notes.

Questions Example

Then you can go over to the problems that you can solve. So let’s say you understand Arrays then you can solve this problem called maximum subarray sum. You can look at the problem statement, the notes, the input, the output. You can look at the constraints that you will be adhering to and you can look at the sample input output at the same time. Then you can actually solve this problem right here, and you can also look at the submissions once you have solved this problem and you can see the solution as well for completely free. So this is a great tool if you want to understand about guided pathways. This is the first thing that you can do with Code Studio.

Maximum SubArray Sum
Maximum SubArray Sum

Core Interview Questions

Now, that’s not it. You also get access to over 2000+ different interview questions that are asked in companies and you can sort them through the difficulty level and through the topic that you are trying to solve the interview questions for. You can sort what topics do you want to solve. Let’s just say you only want to solve interview questions that are related to Trees. Select Trees and you can solve all of these selectively. If you want to solve only easy questions then you can sort them accordingly. If you want to see which company has asked that questions, you can sort them company-wise as well.

This can be a great way for you to solve all of these problems. If you select a particular question you’ll be able to see the complete problem interface, the problem statement. You can have a look at the solution and the submissions as well. If you want to attempt the question, you can choose which language you want to attempt and then you can start to attempt.

So this is how you can practice over 2000 different questions for completely free from various top tech companies and you can sort for what is the difficulty level and what topic is this problem based on. Now once you try to attempt all of these 2000 plus interview questions, you might want to look at the solution. The best part about Code Studio is that the solutions are available in all the 3 languages, C++, Java and Python that make sure that if you are into Python you still get to see the solution and the best optimised approach to solve a particular problem.

Interview Experiences of Software Developers –

Along with solving interview questions and having a look at the guided paths for every single concept, you will also get access to interview experiences of all the people that have gone through the rounds in top tech companies and they are sharing their experiences on Code Studio itself and again completely free. For example, you want to look at the Amazon SDE-1 fresher interview experience that was done in Jan 2019. Just click on this and you can look at the rounds that they have been through and what type of questions were asked in every single round. You can also try to solve this problem right here and you can see how fit you are for cracking these coding interviews. As you can see, you can go through various different rounds and you can look at the interview process. You will also see the application process that will give you more idea about what are the eligibility requirements and other information as well. So this is the interview experience of Amazon. You can similarly take a look into experiences for Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, for all these tech companies

“Crack the Coding Interview” Book Questions

You might have also looked at that book called as crack the coding interview (that green book). It has variety of interview questions as well. Code Studio has taken all of those interview questions and they have put it over here in this particular page. So if you want to prepare for any of these, you can just click on this and you can start solving all of these questions. So this is Code Studio by Coding Ninjas. Basically you have access to top Amazon coding interview questions, top Microsoft interview questions.

I hope you use opportunity to learn as much as possible and start preparing for coding interviews. The work-life balance of all of these top tech companies is superb. You will get a lot of free time and you will also be able to work on project that impact millions of people. So this is going to be the best fulfilling things that you will do once college is done. Take a look at this site and start preparing for coding interview.

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