Top 5 Programming Languages You Can Learn In 2022

Today in this article, we are going to talk about best 5 coding languages that you can learn and improve you skills in 2022. Now it is not mandatory that these languages should be of only one particular domain. I have listed them radnomly from different different domains. And out of these 5 programming languages , it is not something like a specific one is the best.

No particular language is best. Every language is best in it’s domain. They all have different different uses right? Let’s say some of them are the best for android development, some are best for web development and etc etc etc…..

So let’s start with our first language.


Java is one of the most popular languages of all time. It is widely used by millions of programmers. Specifically in the app development doamin. Infact the SDK (Software Development Kit) of android is powered by Java. So you can have an idea that how popular Java is when it comes to android development.

Java is platform independant language. That means you can write the code once and run it anywhere on any platform (like Windows, MacOS, Linux). Basically you write code for different platforms, different OS and different hardware just once.

From placement point of view (India), you can blindly go for this language because most companies ask questions like data structure & algorithms in Java and C++ language. It is also object-oriented language.

If we talk about some comapanies which specifically hires for Java Developers are big tech giants likeGoogle, Uber, Instagram.

2. Python

Python language was bulit as a competitor of Java. But it has become very popular in very less time.

Python has lot of libraries and frameworks which makes it easy to learn. If you are into web development then you might have heard about flask, jango frameworks.

And if you find interest in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence then python is a way to start.

Big tech companies like Razorpay, IBM, Intel, Spotify hire python developers.

3. Javascript

Javascript is a versatile language which you can use for mobile app development, web development and desktop app developement.

It is used on more than 97% of the world’s websites.

Frameworks like Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js are widely used in front end development. For back-end development Node.js is used. So Javascript has a big impact on the internet world.

If you want to become a developer in 2022, then Javascript is a must language to learn.

Google, Netflix, Bigbasket, Paypal are some companies which hires for Javascript language.

4. C++

C++ is the best language if you are a college student. As a college student internship and placements are very important. As we talked earlier, for data structures and algorithms Java & C++ are main languages. You can practice DSA in C++ very efficiently.

It is used for competitive programming because the comiple time is less which makes the language fast.

Also used in game development industry.

So if you are interested in game development or you want to learn algorithms then you can go with C++.

Companies which are mainly into system software development hires C++ developers.

5. Go

Go language is made by Google and now widely used in the software development industry.

It is mainly made for professional developers because it reduces makes the development time.

Go is an open-source language. So many developers are contributing in it and it is improving day by day.

Dropbox, Google hires for Go deveopers.

So these were the top 5 languages to learn in 2022.

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