Apple Event March 2022 : Apple Announced New iPhone SE, iPad Air, Mac Studio

Apple Event 2022

The very first Apple Event of 2022 was held yesterday, on 8th March 2022. In this event, Apple has made some amazing announcements & launched new products such as iPhone SE with A15 Bionic Chip, etc. The main focus of this Apple Event was basically on new Apple Chips which includes the new M1 Ultra. Let’s just go ahead and break down yesterday’s Apple Event.

Note – All the images in this article are from Apple’s Official Live Event (8th March 2022)

1. New Finishes for iPhone 13

Alright, so let’s start with iPhone 13. Apple is introducing two new gorgeous finishes. iPhone 13 is coming with a new bold green color whereas iPhone 13 Pro with Alpine green color. Both iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro are looking stunning with their new colors.

iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro

2. iPhone SE with A15 Bionic Chip

Apple also brings the extraordinary A15 bionic chip to another iPhone to the new iPhone SE. This is important for the Apple’s existing users who wanted a smaller iPhone and a great value. A15 bionic chip has a powerful 6-core CPU. Apple claims that it’s up to 1.8 X faster than iPhone 8 and even faster compared to older models.

The 4-core GPU is great for graphics intensive use cases and delivers a monumental improvement for people upgrading. It features iconic glass and aluminum design and 3 fantastic colours. Midnight, Starlight and Product Red. It has a 4.7 inch Retina HD display. The display is even more protected by the durable design, which now includes the toughest glass in a smartphone and with IP67 water and dust resistance, iPhone SE is designed to last.

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

iPhone SE has the home button with touch ID for a secure, private and easy way to unlock your iPhone, fill in passcodes and make purchases with Apple Pay. Apple is also bringing 5G to are most affordable iPhone. The 12MP camera and A15 bionic, create a new camera system that enables powerful computational photography.

iPhone SE comes with all the incredible benefits of iOS 15 including new features like focus to help reduce distraction and all new maps experience. And you’ll get intelligent capabilities that protect your privacy, like on device Siri, and on device Dictation. iPhone SE will get the latest iOS updates for years to come, and it starts at just $429.

3. iPad Air

The new, even more amazing iPad is coming with the breakthrough M1 chip to iPad Air. The 8-core design of the CPU delivers up to 60% faster performance over the A14 in the previous generation of iPad Air and M1 8-core GPU delivers amazing graphics performance, which is up to twice as fast. And machine learning workflows are enhanced by the incredible 16-core neural engine enabling powerful and intuitive experiences.

Like using Adobe Lightroom to intelligently select the sky from the foreground with just a tap, and these experiences really come to life on the Air’s gorgeous liquid retina display. With its P3 white colour, true tone, 500 nits of brightness and anti-reflective coating. It will now feature a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera, which means its support center stage.

iPad Air
iPad Air

Also, ultra-fast 5G to iPad Air and to support fast connection to drive, docs and cameras, Apple is increasing the performance of the USB-C port. It is now twice as fast and iPad Air is compatible with amazing accessories that make it even more versatile, like the smart keyboard folio and Magic keyboard. iPad Air also supports Apple Pencil second generation. And with the new version of Swift playgrounds, users can build and submit apps to the App Store right on iPad. It will be available starting at the same price of $599.

4. iMovie Updates

iMovie has also got some new releases. It is perfect for aspiring filmmakers. The new storyboard feature helps users create finished videos by using curated shot list, transitions and music for a polished results. And it comes in a gorgeous array of colors, Space grey, Starlight, Pink, Purple and a stunning new Blue.

iMovie Updates

5. M1 Max Ultra – New Chip

Now I guarantee that this is something will really blow your mind. Apple is adding a new chipset, the new M1 Ultra to the family. You see M1 Max has a secret. It has a ground-braking die-to-die interconnect technology that allows us to scale even further by building M1 Ultra to 2 M1 Max die which doubles the performance. They have connected 2 die with innovative custom based packaging architecture. Apple calls it UltraFusion.

UltraFusion connects over 10,000 signals and provide an enormous 2.5 TB/second of low latency, inter-processor bandwidth between the two dies using very little power. In fact, with two dies the memory bandwidth has increased to a massive 800 GB/second. That’s more than 10X the latest PC desktop chip.

M1 Ultra
M1 Ultra

The M1 Ultra supports up to a staggering 128 GB of unified memory for enormous workloads. The M1 Ultra also offers an unbelievable amount of compute performance. It has a powerful 20-core with 16 high performance cores and 4 efficiency cores to crash CPU intensive tasks. It also features a huge 64-core GPU. It’s nearly 8X faster than M1.

M1 Max deliver similar multi-threaded CPU performance to the 10-core PC desktop by using 65% less power. And when we compare M1 Ultra to the fastest 16-core PC desktop chip available, it delivers 90% higher performance in the same power envelope. M1 Max delivers similar performance to one of the most popular GPU while using 1/3 the power and M1 Ultra delivers faster performance than the highest end GPU available while using 200 watts less power.

6. Mac Studio & Studio Display

So now let’s talk about where we’re going to use this incredible new chip. It will be used in the Mac Studio. It has height of only 3.7 inches. There are four Thunderbolt 4 ports to connect displays and high performance devices. A 10 GB Ethernet port, 2 USB-A ports and HDMI port and a pro audio Jack for high impedance headphones. Systems with M1 Max have 2 USB-C ports providing 10 GB/second USB-3 data transfer. And with M1 Ultra, these ports are Thunderbolt 4 with up to 40 GB per second data transfer speeds.

We can even compare Max Studio with M1 Ultra to Mac Pro with 28-cores. It’s up to 60% faster. It even exceeds Mac Pro with its fastest graphics card. Max Studio is up to 80%. faster. With M1 Max, you can access up to 64 GB of unified memory and with M1 Ultra, you get up to 128 GB of unified memory for enormous graphics tasks. And when it comes to storage, the SSD in Mac Studio delivers up to a Superfast 7.4 GB/second of performance and up to 8TB capacity. Max Studio can play and unprecedented 18 streams of 8K prores  422 video.

Over the course of the year, Max studio use up to 1000 kilowatt hours less energy than a high-end PC desktop. Studio display has an all screen design with narrow borders. You can also choose a tilt and height adjustable stand option. Studio display features an expansive screen that has a 27 inch active area with a total of 14.7 million pixels, making it a 5K Retina display. There’s a 12 MP ultra-wide camera. It supports center-stage which comes to the Mac for the very first time. It also includes an array of studio quality mics. They have an especially low noise floor for crystal clear calls.

Mac Studio
Mac Studio

Studio display also features a high fidelity six speaker sound system. It has 3 USB-C ports that deliver speed up to 10 GB/second, so you can connect peripherals, storage, and networking right into the display. And there’s a Thunderbolt port which allows you to connect Studio display and any plugged-in peripherals to your Mac with a single cable. That same cable delivers 96 watts of power, which allows you to charge any Mac notebook. And you can even fast charge of 14 inch Mac Book Pro and you can connect up to 3 Studio displays to your Mac book Pro.

Mac Studio M1Max start at $1999 and Mac studio with M1 Ultra starts at $3999. No other desktop in the world can offer this level of performance and capability at this price. And the Studio Display with its awesome set of features is $1599. It can be configured with a nano texture glass and choice of stand option.

You can pre-order the products but they will be available on March 18th.

I hope this “Apple’s Peek Performance Event” was interesting for you. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

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