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7 extremely useful websites you should be using in 2022. These websites are the ones that I have been using myself for a long time now, so I want to share this with you in this article. These websites will make your work and your life easier on a daily basis. So make sure to read it till the end. I will also provide links of these websites at the end so you can use them.

1. Keepa

The first website is for anyone who is trying to find the best deal for what they want to order online. Let’s say you’re on Amazon and you want to order something, you can view the past history of prices of that product to find out if this is the lowest price for this product.

For example, this is a Chrome extension of that you can get that will help you with exactly that. Just to give you an example, let’s say you want to order the this Sony Headphones. As you go down, you can see the price of this box set across the last year. You can see the prices of the last 3 months, all the days that it has been on Amazon and you can compare it with today’s price.


This is a great tool that I’ve been using all the time whenever I want to order something just to check if this is the best deal I can get, or should I wait for a couple of more months for the price to go down. You just need to get the Chrome extension of Keepa and then you can start using this on sites like Amazon.

2. PDFCandy

Moving on, the second website is for anyone who wants to maybe edit their PDFs, convert PDFs or just do whatever you want to. I have been using PDFCandy. It’s been of huge help to me. I have a bunch of PDFs of my college and a bunch of other stuff. And this is a great source for me to maybe compress a PDF, merge the PDF,  convert PDF. I can split the PDF, delete pages. I can do all sorts of things. I can extract the text. I can also expect images and also add page numbers. You can do all sorts of things with the help of PDFCandy. So do take a look at this if you’re interested.


3. Calmsound

The next website is called anyone who is trying to stay focused on maybe learning a skill. reading a report, reading a book, listening to an audiobook, or maybe if you’re trying to sleep, it would be great if you can have some music playing at the back. I prefer to have nature sounds rather than having low-fi beats. And that is what you can do with the help of Calmsound. It’s a website that I have been using for listening to ocean sounds, rain sounds, country gardens, relaxing mix or just nature sounds in general.


So this is one more thing that you can check out Calmsound. There are other websites as well, but this is what I like to use.

4. Honey

Now the next website is for anyone who is trying to get some discounts on whatever thing that they’re ordering online. I personally have been using Honey for a long time. So basically just to share with you, this is the platform you can install the Chrome extension right here and then they have various different coupon codes that you can use.


So let’s say you are trying to book a flight or maybe on MakeMyTrip or Goibibo. You can just open this app and it will suggest to you what codes you can use to save up some money whenever trying to order something online. So this is another great thing that I personally like to use. You can also try it out and let me know if you end up getting some huge discounts with the help of Honey. It is completely free and as you can see on the screen it is valid on a lot of different stores or websites that you might be ordering something from.

So do take a look at this if you have not already.

5. Zerodha Versity

The next website is for anyone who’s trying to learn about personal finance and investing but doesn’t really know what resources to use. Zerodha Varsity is what you can use. It’s a collection of blogs in which you can learn about introduction to stock market, technical and fundamental analysis, futures and options trading, taxation, mutual funds, you know, currency, commodity, government securities, basically whatever it is that you want to learn about finance. They have a bunch of blogs that you can look at and you can learn about the same. If you are not comfortable with English they also have that in Hindi. And they also have video lessons for the first 3 modules, so you can also look at videos.

Zerodha Varsity

So do take a look at this if you’re interested.

6. Idenati

 Most people spend countless hours accessing different websites. This leads to various passwords, nodes, files across various different systems, and tens of browser tabs open all at once. Idenati is here to simplify the Internet for you. Idenati is the home screen on the Internet. It allows you to organize and access everything you do on the Internet in one place. I can search for different categories.


7. Readwise

The last website on the list is Normally whenever you are on the Internet, you might come across something interesting idea, something useful that you might want to remember but you don’t take note of it because it is difficult. And you might want to go and take a look at some different websites. With the help of you can highlight it and you can save it in readwise. And then it will send you a daily digest in which you can revise whatever it is that you highlighted previously. You can do something called as space repetition which will help you remember all of these ideas much more clearly in your brain.

One more useful feature of readwise is that when you integrate it with your twitter account, you can simply just go on any thread on Twitter that you might find interesting and you can just say

  1. Keepa –!
  2. PDFCandy –
  3. Calmsound –
  4. Honey –
  5. Zerodha Varsity –
  6. Idenati –
  7. Readwise –


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